(Live at Odeon Theatre with the Red Limo String Quartet)

I sing this lullaby for you
To ease you into sleep
To pave the way for happy dreams
Instead of counting sheep

Generations in this bed
With copper posts and all
Beneath these quilts you rest
Instead of staring at the wall

My soothing hand slowly sedates
And quietens your mind
All those burdens and those weights
Just leave them all behind

Trust that you are cared for
Know you are secure
In your sleepy hollow
Of that you can be sure

Relax your body and your soul
Let go of all your hurt
So many things you can’t control
Let grace replenish your heart

Featuring: Red Limo String Quartet
Vibraphone: Tony Hoyting
Double bass: Pieter Althuis
Recorded at Odeon Theatre January 2019