Ellen Pels (1960) is a jazzy singer-songwriter who sings from the bottom of her heart. She manages to combine her love of music with the lessons Diederik Wolsak, Willem Glaudemans and A Course In Miracles in her songs. She calls it ‘Spiri Jazz’, jazzy melodies with lyrics inspired by New Age philosophies. In 2015 she released her debut album ‘Late Bloomer” on her own record label, an album containing wonderful life-lessons. Prior to that, (September 2014) she released the song ‘Dragonflies’. Ellen can be found on stage regularly in plays, comedy shows and theatre productions.


Ellen has been singing her whole life. She developed her singing voice in her profession as a speech and language therapist. When she became seriously ill in 2010 she realised that it was now or never to do what she had always wanted: singing, writing music and performing.


Ellen’s mission is to reveal her soul, and by doing so, to inspire others to live by their inner compass and with passion. Ellen knows how to build a perfect bridge between melody and lyrics with her soulful and authentic voice, whilst sharing inspiring life-lessons that resonate in the hearts of her listeners.


Under the guidance of Juyla Lo’ko, Robin van Beek (coach The Voice of Holland), Michelle Splietelhof and Mathilde Santing, she grew as an artist. In 2014 she started writing songs. Together with Perquisite, she wrote ‘Dragonflies’, and released it on her EP in the summer of 2014. Later, she re-recorded this song for the album ‘Late Bloomer’ with her band in a different arrangement.

In the beginning of 2015 she recorded her debut album ‘Late Bloomer’ She released it on her own record label LLL Zingt and produced and financed the project herself, with a little help of crowdfunding. In May 2015 she held her album release show in theatre ‘De Meenthe’.

The album is filled with wonderful life-lessons and unpredictable chord sequences. Ellen does not shy away from any subject and will continue to inspire with her lovely voice.


In 2017 Ellen released part 1 of a trilogy.

She started with the EP “Happiness”, containing 5 lovely tunes. The release party was held in Theater de Stoomfabriek in Dalfsen.


In 2019 part 2 “Love” was released in Theater Odeon in Zwolle. This time around, Ellen had The Red Limo String Quartet joining her on the EP as well as on stage for the release. Her 9-piece band accompanied her as well. This release show was filmed beautifully by Concerto Media and can be seen twice a month on Stingray Djazz TV.


Part 3 is called “Peace” and was released as a series of videoclips, due to the global covid-19 pandemic. This time around, the Ellen Pels Band also has a trombonist and a percussionist.


In the spring of 2021 Ellen recorded her second album “From A To B” (A stands for acapella and B for Big Band). The release took place on october 9th 2021 in the Odeon Theatre in Zwolle. For this album Ellen composed a number of Big Band songs that were recorded live in the Wisseloord studio with the Stageband Jazz Orchestra.


Ellen also has her own weekly radioshow “Jazzylicious” on RTV Hattem and RTV Focus Zwolle. Her focus is on jazzy music, concerts, interviews with musicians and people from the music industry, but mostly on declicious jazzy music.